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The readership

The magazine’s readership includes the top C-level executives, senior industry executives, and key decision makers from the pharma industry in charge of spending. With a special focus on Asia, Pharma Leaders reaches out to the key industry leaders across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The Voice

Pharma Leaders provides a unique opportunity to bring your products and services to the attention of key budget holders within the largest pharmaceutical organisations around the world. The publication is made available only to a select group of decision makers who represent a spending power of US$ 350 billion. That money is more and more likely to be heading towards Asia and Europe, and you should make sure you get your share.

The Opportunity

There is a huge market in Europe for Asian products and vice versa. Getting your message across to the major players in these markets is very difficult, unless you have Pharma Leadersand its resources working for you in a consistent manner. Top pharma companies across the world receive Pharma Leadersthat has articles and insights contributed by leading industry experts.

The readers of Pharma Leadersappreciate the publication because they recognise the value of its independent reporting and the quality of its content. It clearly makes Pharma Leadersa powerful prospect for advertisers.

Published Bi-Monthly with a circulation of circulation of 5,000 copies, Pharma Leadersis distributed across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and USA. This includes readers who receive the print copies and another 75,000 readers who receive e-book copies. This translates into an estimated readership base of 125,000

The Target Market

Our readers represent the most important organisations in the global pharmaceutical market, and they should be your target market, because your competitors are already targeting them.

Pharma Leadersprovides customised advertisement solutions through high quality advertisements placed along side relevent content to receive immediate attention from your target market.

Pharma Leaders, with its total commitment to building exceptional circulation lists, can deliver your message to the right people. Our relationship officers can help you in your marketing plan with highly targeted advertising, aimed directly at the people who hold the purse strings.

  1. Circulation: A meticulously crafted circulation database of companies that matter to you – A market place custom-built to your needs.
  2. Readership: Readers are carefully chosen top executives. A judicious blend of purchase decision makers and specifiers - the individuals who matter most to your company.
  3. Valuable Content: Insights and incisive analysis of industry dynamics and emerging trends in technologies including drug discovery, manufacturing etc., written by the leading experts.
  4. Online Presence: Listing on the search engine optimised website - Print advert doubling-up as online vehicle.

Malvinder to Pharmaleaders


"India's Is Listed As The Largest Hospital Chain In Asia. To me Parkway is only the first step in Fortis' global expansion. We are talking about a market capitalization in excess of $5 billion and profits which are significantly up" more..

Dr. Surinder singh to Pharmaleaders


Imagine administering a paracetamol tablet to a near and dear one who is down with fever only to find that the medicine is having no effect. This scenario sounds scary, but it could be actually be happening ..... more..

Tapan Ray to Pharmaleaders

tapan ray

"Government, Corporates and the civil society in general must contribute according to their respective abilities, obligations and enlightened societal interests, towards this direction." more..

Kiran Majumdar Shaw to Pharmaleaders

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

"The MSCC, which has the active support of India's well known woman entrepreneur and Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, has been set up to bring about a discernable change in the treatment and .......... " more..

Dr Kamal Sharma to Pharmaleaders

Kamal sharma

"I am still spending some time to study the details of the bill. However, my first reaction is that there is nothing major for the generic industry as far as the bid is concerned, except for the fact that there is certainly going .........." more..